Garden Art

Our ‘adults’ may not always have the opportunity to “learn to work” in the community. Budget cuts and lack of services make this very important option few and far between for our ‘adults’ once they transition from high school to the community. Our ‘adults’ have the desire and skill set to work, they just need the opportunity to polish these skills so they, like everyone else, are able to become a contributing member to their local community.

DIGS, Inc. provides learning to work options for our ‘adults’ to help parents and caregivers make items such as garden art, botanical handmade soaps, and greeting cards. Our all-volunteer staff helps our ‘adults’ learn important skills for a work environment, through the safe use of tools and equipment, working as a team, social skills appropriate for a work environment, scheduling, and following directions.

DIGS participates in local arts and crafts fairs. All of our unique garden art items, botanical handmade soaps, and greeting cards are available to you for a suggested donation. To find out more, be sure to visit our events page then come shop our booth for one of a kind pieces.