Presume Competence

Definition: an attitude or mindset that believes anyone has the ability to achieve. Rather than… it can’t be done, Presume Competence!  That’s just what Ricky and Elaine did to help Shawn accomplish something he wanted to do.  Instead of focusing on the disability, they looked for skills Shawn had. Then they looked for an opportunity for him to use those skills. Sometimes it takes “thinking out of the box”.  Sometimes it may take changes in how something is done.  But, sometimes it just takes a change in an attitude.  Believe us; the results will be worth the effort.

We’d like you to meet Shawn Treglown. He is the son of Ricky and Elaine Treglown.  Shawn graduated from High School in 2008.  He currently works at Network Day Services and lives at home with his parents.  Shawn has always loved music and became interested in being a DJ at the DIGS ‘1 Step @ A Time’ dance club meetings while watching a DJ do his job.  With the support of his parents, Shawn is using his knowledge of music and has learned the skills necessary to be a DJ.   So far, he has used any money he has earned to purchase more of his own equipment.  Shawn now provides the music for the dance club at each monthly meeting.  He listens to the suggestions of the other members and prepares his play lists. During the dance, Shawn is does a great job giving lively comments about the music, dancers and making announcements.  We’re proud of you, Shawn!!! If you’re planning a party or gathering, contact Shawn to provide your choice of music for the occasion.