January 31, 2019
The Boogie Down Broad fundraiser has been rescheduled for Saturday, March 30, registration at 8:00 (City Auditorium) and Boogie at 9:00 (to Heritage Park). Rain or shine, bring your umbrellas if raining!!! So mark your calendars!!! More later.
We have just been notified that DIGS is a recipient of a grant from the Heart of the Community Foundation!!!!  It will be presented at their Walk-Ride-Paddle opening ceremonies at the Town Green, 9:30 am, Saturday February 9.
November 30, 2018

It’s hard to believe that another year is nearing the end! This year has been a wonderful year and next year promises to be even better. Please think of DIGS when planning your end of the year giving. You may mail your donation to DIGS, Inc., PO Box 1053, Rome, GA 30162-1053.

Please note the Winter Art Market is scheduled for this weekend. Our Garden Artworkers hope you will plan to attend and do some Christmas shopping at the DIGS booth! If you would like to help staff the booth, please reply by return email. We could really use some help Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning.
I hope you all will put a circle around Thursday, Dec. 13th and plan to attend our annual Family Christmas Potluck!   There is always plenty of delicious food. Please bring your favorite covered dish, etc.  Drinks and paper goods will be provided by DIGS.  There will be no admission charge for the dance club but donations will help defray the cost.  Santa and his elves will be on hand to conduct the gift exchange for our adults.  If each participant will bring a gift for the same gender (marked male/female, guy/girl, or man/lady) the gifts will come out right.
The Prayers and Squares quilt group have made & donated a beautiful quilt to help raise funds toward the ladies ‘ home.  You may get your raffle tickets from any Garden Art worker,  at the Art Market or the night of the Christmas potluck. Please see the flyer and pass the word about the raffle!
Merry Christmas everyone and Best Wishes for the New Year!!!
October 31, 2018
Happy Halloween everyone! As we come into November just wanted to take a moment to let you know how very grateful we are for all of your continued support, donations, help, volunteer hours, etc. that you, our community, give each month to help us reach our goals to provide activities and homes for our ‘adults’. Without you, this would not be possible.
a note from our director:
“We do have so much to be thankful for!  I am in awe when I think about how DIGS was started by a small group of parents and others who wanted to change things for our adults with special challenges. Our ‘adults” now have great activities and things to do and talk about with their friends. We have one home opened and prospering and soon will be breaking ground for the second. Parents have a support group where they can share and learn with each other. Through our presence in the community, others are learning our ‘adults’ have special talents, are fun to be around, and have much to give back.  We have done all this “on a shoestring” so the money we raise can be spent wisely on the things that truly matter! AND all this has been done primarily on a VOLUNTEER basis!  I am thankful for each and every one of you and what you do to support the mission of DIGS!!! “
For those of you who may not have heard, “Boogie Down Broad” was postponed due to the expected bad weather and those who would have had to travel (especially from South GA).  Several dates in the spring are now being considered. We will continue to ask for more sponsors and teams to participate.
Our garden art crew had a great time at Chiaha this past weekend. We raised over $2500!!! Our last event of the year will be the Winter Art Market at the Civic Center, December 1-2 with set up Friday, Nov. 30.  Anyone who can help with this, please contact us.
As you are planning your end of the year giving, please remember DIGS!
August 1, 2018
We are back to our normal activities. Be sure to check our calendar of events for all the opportunities to join us or volunteer. We look forward to seeing soon!
May 31, 2018
Hope everyone has a safe and happy summer! Remember we take the month of July off to spend with family and vacations. Normal activities will resume in August. Thank you for your continued support!
March 31, 2018

Wow!  April will be a busy, but fun month!

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for the many blessings you bring to DIGS. Large or small….it doesn’t matter.  It takes all of us doing what we do to make DIGS successful. We are very unusual in that we function mostly with volunteers….and it works!!! We will continue to do so for as long as we can so that all our funds can go to our mission (to provide safe housing, work and leisure opportunities for adults with developmental challenges). Please take a minute to view an invitation to the COVA (Council of Volunteer Administrators) to a special luncheon honoring our ( and other nonprofits’) volunteers.  If you serve DIGS in anyway, you are invited.  Please follow the instructions on how to RSVP and plan to attend if you are able.
Please check out the latest newsletter.  You will notice that we’ve had a nice rise in the amount of our funds toward the women’s build!  We are getting soooooo close.  Thank you all for your donations….large and small…it doesn’t matter.  Together we are accomplishing so much!
February 28, 2018

Spring is in the air!!!!

We want to thank the Heart of the Community Foundation for the grant we received for $5000 recently. We appreciate all they do for the many great causes in our community and feel humbled and very blessed that DIGS was among the chosen! We now have $132,000 raised for the women’s home!!!
We want to remind everyone about the opportunity for swimming at the “Y”.  There is no charge and you don’t have to be a member of the “Y” to participate. The only restriction is that the individual swimming must be able to stand in the shallow end. If not the caregiver must accompany him/her in the pool.  Any caregiver is also invited to swim if they want to.  There is a lifeguard on duty. Come join us if you can!
We are planning a yard sale fundraiser soon on a Saturday when the weather is cooperating.  It will be at the Garden Art warehouse, so if you have any items to donate you may bring them Wednesday between 10:00-1:00. The address is 12 Dribbell St.  It is the street behind the Northside Pool. If you are willing to help with the sale, please let Barbara know by return email.
See you soon!
January 31, 2018

Hi Everyone!!!

How can it be February already??!!!! We just had Christmas and New Year’s!
The event of the year is this month! Just a reminder:  Night To Shine is not a DIGS activity but it is included on our calendar because so many of our ‘adults’ attend. They love looking forward to it, talking about it with their friends and enjoy seeing it on the calendar and counting the days until it is here!  Can’t wait to hear their stories about all the things they got to do and what a great time they had!
Please note that the general DIGS meeting is Tuesday, February 6. Anyone interested in DIGS is invited to attend. We will have an update on how soon we may be able to start the women’s build!
Hope to see you all soon!
December 20, 2017
Can you believe this year is ending!!?? Thank you to all for your time, talents, and financial support of DIGS this past year.  We are proud to announce we now have over $126,000 raised toward the women’s home!!! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  May the new year bring many blessings to everyone!
November 30, 2017
 Wow….this year is coming to an end! We are back on track with raising funds to build our second home….for ladies!  We hope that as you are considering your end of the year giving you will think of DIGS and give what you can to further our mission to provide safe housing for our ‘adults’ with developmental disabilities.  You may mail your donation to DIGS, Inc., PO Box 1053, Rome, GA  30162.
Be sure to check out the December calendar and a special invitation to the Christmas potluck and dance club on Thursday, December 14.  This event is a highlight of the holiday season for us. Also, please see the latest newsletter for more updates!
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year!
October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween! We certainly have much to be thankful for this November! Please make special note of the “Boogie Down Broad” event.  We all need to come out and support this fundraiser! If you are unable to attend, please recruit others to participate.  We are getting very close to our goal to build the women’s home and hope to be able to begin construction in the spring. But we cannot do it without everyone’s support!!!! Thank you Louise for all the hard work you have put into organizing this!

See you all soon!
October 1, 2017
Hi Everyone!
We have another full calendar for October!!!
1 Step @ A Time Dance Club will be performing during the Disability Awareness service at North Rome Church of God. Dancers, please be there by 5:45.  DIGS will also have an informational booth.
Our Snap Happy Camera Club will again have their photos entered in the Photography Contest at the Coosa Valley Fair, Oct. 3-7. Be sure to stop by to see if we win any ribbons!  Also, you don’t want to miss the Miss Challenger Contest and the choir singing.
Big thank you to West Rome Baptist Church for planning a Dinner & Game night for all of us on Saturday, October 216-8:00 p.m. If you need more information, please contact Karen Cook:  706-853-9449
Get ready to start your Christmas shopping at the DIGS booth at the Chiaha Festival!!!!
Get the “Boogie Down Broad”  registration form for individuals, teams or sponsors.  Please continue to work for each of you to get at least one sponsor so this event will be a great success toward funding the women’s new home.
We can’t wait to see everyone’s costumes for this year’s Halloween parties!!!
September 1, 2017
Please note there is no swimming this Friday, September 1. There will be swimming for all other Fridays for the month.  If you haven’t taken advantage of this special opportunity to swim, we’d like to see you soon!  The “Y” is donating the hour in the pool.  You don’t have to be a member to take advantage of this opportunity.  It is open to anyone with a developmental disability with no age restriction.  Although, if your swimmer cannot stand independently in the shallow end, you are asked to accompany them for their safety.  Thank you “YMCA”!!!
Get the sponsor and/or team-individual participant form for the 2nd Annual Boogie Down Broad.  Last year was so much fun and we were asked to “do it again!”  We hope everyone will be on board with helping to get sponsors and teams to participate.  The team or individual raising the most $$$ will win our very special “trophy”!!!  The key to winning is getting sponsors at only $100 each.  Think about asking any business, dentist, dr., etc that you use to help us in raising funds for our second home. Currently, we have $112,000 and we can begin the build when we reach $150,000!!!  If everyone does their part, we can reach that goal before the end of the year!
Camera Club members:  Please note the message on the bottom of the calendar.  At the next meeting, we will be getting our photos ready for entry in the Coosa Valley Fair!  Can’t wait to see all your great photos!!!!
Our garden art workers are in need of medium to large black, red or green buttons for a special project.  If you have some you are willing to share, please give them to Barbara.
Happy Fall Y’all !!
August 3, 2017

Please get the Harbin Hero Hustle flyer to learn how to vote for DIGS!  Last year we earned $500 and we’d like to do it again this year!….or even more!  Read carefully how to vote and make sure you use #HarbinHeroChallenge Voting ends August 11th!

Please pass this on to all your family and friends!!!

DIGS is our superhero.  Is it yours????
Thanks for your support!
August 1, 2017

Well, we are back at it with our activities and August looks like a really fun month.

Art Club members:  Remember the dues for another year of art club are due….$40 for August 2017 through June 2018.

Kroger’s Atlanta Division customers and associates are eligible to re-enroll in the Kroger Community Rewards program. Customers and associates can designate reward points you earn to the participating schools, charity or organization of your choice by using your Kroger Plus Card. Organizations and schools do not need to enroll each year, but each Kroger shopper is required to re-enroll his or her Kroger Plus Card on an annual basis. Re-enrollment is now, and dollars accumulate for your choice of charity beginning August 27, 2017. Please visit

Kroger Community Rewards Re-enrollment starts today, Tuesday, August 1, 2017


  • The Kroger Community Rewards (KCR) program is evaluated annually, and the time for Kroger Plus Card holders to re-enroll is now. The Atlanta Division launched the program on September 1, 2013 and Card holders must re-enroll to begin accumulating dollars for their schools, charities, and organizations starting August 27, 2017.  This year, Kroger is proud to donate $500,000 to local schools and nonprofits through this Kroger Plus Card based fundraiser.


  • All organizations that have already signed up for Community RewardsDO NOT have to enroll again.  Once an organization is signed up for the program they continue to be active.
  • An organization’s enrolled members and supporters DO have to re-enroll every August.  They will not have to set up a new account only link their card again to the organization of their choosing.


  • Now through August 26, 2017 customers may re-enroll.  Their current selection will not be affected and continue to earn rewards through the end of this program year.
  • Their re-enrollment organization will start earning for the new program year starting August 27, 2017.




  • Past programs of this nature tend to lose their impact over long periods of time. Participants need to have an active role in order for the program to continue to be effective and engage our customers.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of the team members in Public Affairs at 770.496.7538

We hope to see you soon!

June 30,2017
Can you believe half this year is gone already!!! Just a reminder only the Skills group and our garden art workers continue during July. Many of us plan our vacation this month.  We all look forward to getting back together in August.
Stay safe, stay cool!
May 24, 2017

Hi everyone!Challenger Bowling: Floyd Bowling & Amusement Center, Hicks Dr., 10 a.m. Please be on time!  $2.50 per game. For more information contact Karen Cook 706-853-9449.

Saturday, June 10th:  Schroeder’s is hosting a “Tom Petty” night to benefit DIGS from 4:30-11:00 p.m. in the courtyard. There will be 11 local ‘artist’ singing hits we all can enjoy. There will be a $5 cover charge.  Also, the evening will be professionally recorded and a DVD will be produced.  You may pre-order the dvd for $15.  Proceeds for all will benefit DIGS.

You are invited to attend:  Fairview Baptist Vacation Bible School June 11-16, 6:00-8:00 p.m. Dinner will be served each night. For more information please contact Pat Sweezey 706-506-2651

Saturday, June 24th:  We will be having another yard sale to benefit DIGS,  8:00-1:00, follow the signs on Ford Rd.  (There will be an ESTATE Sale across the street).

We will have a garden art booth at the ARF fundraiser No Bonz About It from 11:00-5:00 at the Senior Center on Riverside Pkwy.  Our ‘Just As I Am’ choir will be performing at 11:00!

With these things going on we will need extra help to with sales at both locations.  Please let Barbara (call or text 706-266-2384) know if you will be willing to help in any way!

Tree planted in memory of Timothy Duggan: Residents of the Lamar & Barbara Paul home recently planted a tree to honor Timothy’s memory in the backyard of the property.  As it grows it will shade the screened porch on the back. We are also discussing creating raised bed gardens for the backyard.  Anyone interested in helping with this project, please call or text Barbara 706-266-2384.

Remember:  We take the month of July off  for vacations. Regular activities will resume in August.

Have a fun and safe summer!

April 30,2017

Happy Spring everyone!

Items needed:
  • Art Club needs hair dryers to dry our artwork before taking it home.
           Not new,….. used but still working well.
  • Skills for Life needs used, clean pint and quart canning jars for a project.
  • Download our latest newsletter and calendar to keep up with DIGS News
Thank you for your continued support we hope to see you soon!
March 31, 2017

Happy Spring Everyone!!!

Halleluyah!  We have finally settled with the insurance company and the work to restore the Paul Home has begun this week!!!!!!
Our garden art team has been working overtime to get ready for the Spring Art Market this Saturday and Sunday.  I hope you all will come by the booth to see all the unique, creative items being made. The funds raised yearly from this source are usually enough to pay for all the “day to day” expenses of DIGS so that all the other funds raised can go toward the building of the next home. Stop by the booth to show how much we appreciate all the time and talents of our volunteers!  If you would like to help staff the booth either Saturday or Sunday, please contact us.
Thank you for your continued support of our ‘adults’ and the DIGS, Inc. Mission the entire DIGS family if forever grateful!
February 28,2017
Great News:  We are pleased to announce that DIGS was a recipient of one of the Heart of the Community Foundation’s grants to local non-profits.  A big THANK You to them for this donation for our women’s build!
Yard Sale:  Time for your spring cleaning!!!  We are tentatively planning to have a yard sale to benefit DIGS on Saturday, March 18.  Please consider donating clean useable items to help. You may drop things off at 1005 Highland Ave. on the carport.
Items needed:
used hair dryers ( to dry paint for Art Club and garden art)
10 oz. soup cans,
cans from tomato products with label intact
These items may also be left at 1005 Highland Ave. or at the warehouse at 12 Dribbrell St.
Miracle March-a-Thon this Saturday: This is a fundraiser for the Miracle Field and Challenger Sports.  The choir will be performing.  Any choir member or Challenger Sports athlete does not have to pay the registration fee to participate. Download the registration form here.
We are working on a newsletter with updates on the fundraising efforts for the 2nd home, women’s home.
December 23, 2016

This has been a year of many trials and much joy. But….”Out of Difficulties grow Miracles”.  We who are parents and caregivers of children and adults with developmental challenges know this to be so true. If it were not for the support we give to each other and the joy we share for all of those miracles, it could have been a very sad year.  We thank God for each and every one of you each day! At this time of year we also like to recognize those who do not have a child or adult but give of their time and talents to support DIGS. Thank you to Holly & Daniel Milam, Jessica Smith, Gary & Maxine Cochran, Pat Sweezey, Phillip Martin, Tammy Moreno, Rita & Ron Fowler, Maureen Morgan, Ronnie Monteith, Ronald & Carol Perry. There have also been sooooo many kindnesses and donations to DIGS  and our 4 residents due to the fire and resulting publicity.  We are so grateful to everyone in our community who have spoken words of sympathy and support, included us in their prayers, and offered to help in so many ways.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Happy New Year to everyone!
November 30, 2016

What a year of challenges it has been….AND what a year with many blessings. We have found growth with the challenges and thrive with the many blessings!

SNOWFLAKE BALL:If you are planning to attend the Snowflake Ball, please register to attend ASAP!   This is not a DIGS activity but is a benefit for the Sweet Cocoon.  Please check them out on Facebook. It is a worthy cause!
Winter Art Market:This is the last arts/crafts festival of the year for our garden art team. We have many items that would make unique gifts for any on your Christmas giving list.  Come by the Civic Center this Saturday or Sunday and stop by our booth.  If anyone would like to help with staffing the booth, please contact us.

Family Christmas Potluck: Please join us for our potluck and dance club next Thursday 6:00-8:00 p.m. at the Senior Center. Bring a dish to share; drinks and paper goods are provided. If any of our ‘adults’ would like to participate in the gift exchange, please bring a $5.00 wrapped gift. Santa will distribute the gifts. There will be no admission for the dance, but donations will be welcomed.  We will have very special table decor made by our Art Hearts Art Club. It will be available for purchase after the meal.

 Camera Club: There will be no camera club this month.  Camera Club members are encouraged to bring their cameras to the Potluck/Dance Club to take pictures of their friends and Santa!
Barbara & Lamar Paul Home update: A place for our men has been finally approved by the State. Currently, the renovations are at a standstill due to negotiations with the insurance company. There has been no news about a criminal investigation.  Let’s all pray for a speedy resolution and renovation and that the perpetrator will be found and prosecuted.
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year Everyone!
October 31, 2016

Hi Everyone:

We think most of you know about the arson fire at the Barbara & Lamar Paul home. DDM is continuing their services and the guys are currently staying in a motel. A house to rent has been found where they can live until their home is restored but it is unfurnished.  Utilities are being turned on and they can begin moving in about the middle of next week.  Here is a list (nothing needs to be new, just clean) of what is needed:
4 twin beds, mattresses & box springs
chest of drawers
bed linens and towels
dining room table & chairs
kitchen items:
   pots & pans
   dishes, glasses, cups
living room items:
   couches or love seats
    end tables
2 tvs
To avoid confusion or duplication, please contact us if you have items to donate.  When the house is ready to move into, we will let you know when and where. Pick up may be arranged.
Although this fire was an emotionally, as well as materially devastating event, we are blessed that no one was home and no one was injured. These material things can be replaced. This act appears to be that of just one person.The outpouring of love and support from many, many people in our community has helped many of us to begin the healing process.  Our 4 men appear to be handling all the changes surprisingly well. DIGS will continue with our mission with only a slight set back.  There is a Go Fund Me account set up for DIGS, Inc. and there is a PayPal acct. on our website  if you wish to make a donation. Monies raised will go for added expenses beyond what insurance will pay.  We certainly will be adding additional security systems.
Our next upcoming fundraiser for the building fund for the “ladies’ home” is a Boogie Down Broad.  Please make plans to support this and come to the event.  Our own DJ, Shawn Mix-A-Lot will be providing the music with the help of Q102.
October 16, 2016

Completed in January of 2014, the Barbara & Lamar Paul Home had four men calling it home, until 3:30am on October 15, 2016, when a ‘suspicious fire’ started in 2 separate areas of the home totally destroying a caregivers living quarters and a room belonging to one of the residents. The contents, clothing, furniture and personal belongings are completely unsalvageable. Thankfully no one was in the home at the time of the fire. This is an unthinkable act of crime that has everyone within the DIGS family still in shock and anyone else who knows about DIGS and our mission! While we are still in the process of working towards our goal of $180,000 to build our second home for the ladies, we reach out to you again, our community who have supported our ‘adults’ and the DIGS mission to help us during this challenging time. It will be at least 3 months before the residence is livable again and in the meantime, our 4 young men are without the place they have called home. Anyone anywhere in the world can donate to help using our PayPal link. What DIGS has been able to accomplish for our ‘adults’ thus far would not have been possible without your support and we appreciated each and every one of you who continue to help make our efforts possible! Anyone can make a donation using this link Here is the link to the full story

October 12, 2016
Come Boogie with DIGS down Broad! This is a benefit event on Saturday, November 5, 2016, starting @ 10am! All proceeds will go to help us build our second home for ladies with developmental challenges. Music will be provided by Q102.3 FM! Print your registration and get your team together and come dance with us! The team raising the most money will get a special gift!
October 1, 2016

Happy Fall Everyone!! What a FUN month this October will be!!!The Dance Club will be performing during the Disability Awareness service at North Rome Church of God October 9th.   Everyone is invited to attend. We also participated last year and it was a truly awesome experience.  I’m sure this year will be the same!

Please join us for the Harbin Hustle Health Walk October 15.  You may register online  choose DIGS as your charity, come to Bridgepoint Plaza at 9:30 and look for the DIGS banner.

Our garden art volunteers have been busy creating fantastic pieces that will be available at Chiaha, October 22 & 23. Come by our booth to start your Christmas shopping!!!

There is no charge to attend the Halloween Movie at Berry College October 27 This year’s movie Hocus Pocus was chosen by Dr. Haney’s class and some of our DIGS ‘adults’. The event is planned as an opportunity for any adult with a developmental disability to enjoy a movie with typical peers (Berry students). No food or drink is allowed in the auditorium. Stop at the visitor center as you enter the campus and ask for directions.

Thank you all for your continued support!!! We hope to see you soon!!!

August 31,2016

Thank you everyone, for your support with the #HarbinHeroesChallenge!!!!  We have won $500!!!! Now here is the next step to win another $1000!  We will be putting together a team to walk, so please plan to join us. below is more information about registering:

Congratulations. DIGS received enough social media nominations over the past two weeks to finish in the top five of the #Harbin Hero Challenge. This means your charity will receive a $500 donation from Harbin Clinic.

But wait, there is more. Your charity now will compete against the other four charities for the top prize of an extra $1,000 donation.

This is how this part of the contest works. When race registration for the Harbin Hero Hustle 5K and Two Mile Health Walk opens on Monday, Aug. 22.  People registering for the event can select one of the five charities. Each event preregistration earns the charity two points.

On race day, people registering for the race or walk can also help, as each paid race-day registration gives one point to one of the five charities.

The Harbin Hero Hustle is slated for Saturday, Oct. 15 in Downtown Rome. The race will start at 10 a.m.

Charities have one final chance for points on race day. There will be a pre-race costume contest with categories including:

  • Best hero
  • Best villain
  • Best junior hero (age 10 and under)
  • Best league of heroes (ensemble of five or more heroes)
  • Best dynamic duo

Contest winners will earn an additional 10 points for one of the five charities.

After the race, we will crown the charity, which received the most points from registrations and the costume contest, as the Harbin Hero Challenge winner. That charity earns an additional $1,000 donation.

Registration for the 5K and health walk is now open online on the Rome-Floyd Parks and Recreation website:  If racers pre-register, the 5K is $25 and the walk is $20. Race-day registration is $30 for the 5K and the walk. The 5K will be timed and prizes will be given. Race-day registration will be at Bridgepoint Plaza, where the race begins.

News about Michelle Turner:  Michelle is now at Golden Living, Redmond Rd. Rome.  She is making good progress! Monica reports Michelle has taken ten steps!!!

Please note on the calendar, Monday, Sept 12, any adult with DIGS and Skills for Life members are invited to participate in a garden experience at the Bagwell Food Pantry garden, 207 E. 19th St. (off Maple Ave.). Dr. Brian Campbell and students from his Environmental Studies class will assist our adults in learning gardening skills and then they may enjoy some bounty from the garden. DIGS adults may continue to come to the garden on the first Monday of each month. Times will be adjusted due to daylight and time changes.

News from RFPRA, Tammy Bryant: I wanted to make sure everyone knows that we will be playing Challenger Baseball on Thursday evenings beginning September 15th . Challenger Baseball is a 7 week sports program for special needs youth and adults ages 6 and over. The younger age division will play at 5:30pm and the older players begin at 6:30pm. All games will be played on Thursday evenings at Miracle Field. A registration form is attached and the fee is $50. Partial sponsorships are available if needed.

We are asking everyone to please send this information to any parent, caregiver or organization with special needs participants.  There are still many people who do not know about this program and we would like to see more participation.  I will have to order shirts next week so I need sizes by Wednesday, August 31st . Please call me or email with the participant’s name, age, and shirt size. Please verify if it is an adult size or youth size. Available sizes are: youth small, youth medium, youth large, adult small, adult medium, adult large, adult 2X, and adult 3X.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Registration forms and payment are due by September 6th , but shirt sizes are due by August 31st .  Thank you all for your participation in challenger sports.

Tammy Bryant, CPRP  Special Populations Coordinator   706-252-6427

Hope to see you all soon.  We are all truly blessed!!!!

July 31, 2016
 Hi Everyone! Hope you all are keeping cool and enjoying this summer.
 You will see we are back to our usual schedule of activities.  Swimming at the Y is back. This is open to everyone. Anyone who cannot stand independently in the shallow end will need to have a caregiver in the pool with them.  We appreciate the Y for allowing our group to have this time to swim.  Our annual SUMMER POTLUCK dinner is Thursday, August 11 @ 6;00 pm. We hope everyone will plan to attend. Bring your favorite picnic food to share. Drinks and paper goods will be provided. Dance Club will follow.
We will have a Garden Art workday on Saturday, August 13, 9-noon with Berry students.  We have done this for several years now and we have a lot of fun working together.  The students particularly enjoy working with our ‘adults’.  Please join us if possible for a fun morning of working together.  Our first arts & crafts festival this year will be Roselawn in Cartersville in September and we will also be participating in Chiaha (October) and the Winter Art Market (December). Funds raised from our garden art “pays the bills” so that our other fundraising efforts can go toward the next house. Download our Newsletter for your gift giving contribution for DIGS!
 May 31, 2016
Join us for Spirit Night at Shanes for June 6th.  This is to benefit our Skills for Life program for adults with autism. Mark your calendars and come out to eat dinner together to support this wonderful group!
April 29, 2016
Happy Mother’s Day to all of our Moms!  One of the unforeseen outcomes from forming DIGS and all of us coming together as a family is the number of “mothers” each of our ‘adults’ now have who care about them, watch out over them and best of all love them. We hope each of you feel the love they return to all of us!
March 24, 2016
WOW!!! April is going to be a fun and busy month!!!
Ourgarden art workers have been busy preparing for this year’s arts/crafts festivals. We have 2 this month!  Last year, we raised enough funds to cover all DIGS expenses (insurance, etc.) allowing any other monies to go toward the building of our next home.  We hope to do even better this year!  If you would like to help, please let us know by email:  inventory,planting planters/ hanging baskets, help with set-up/take down of booth, staffing booths during festivals, as well as creating a variety of products.
We thank Bella Roma for sponsoring a fundraiser for us on April 12.  Get the flyer with all the details.  Please help get the word out to your friends, family and co-workers to come eat and support DIGS mission to build the next home for our ladies!
We are proud to be a ‘volunteer’ organization and we appreciate everyone who volunteers their time, talent and resources!  We could not do what we do without everyone’s contributions. April 22 is a special day to honor you with a luncheon. Please mark your calendar and watch for details of how to reserve your place coming soon.
December 31, 2015

Happy New Year 2016!!!

2015 was a great year for DIGS and 2016 is looking even better!!!  We are continuing to raise funds to build our second home and have approx. $50,000 toward that cause.  You can help by continuing to spread the word about DIGS to everyone you meet, especially anyone with a child or adult with a developmental challenge.  We are considered a transition service for SPED students as they turn 18 yrs. Even attending one of our leisure choices will give an ‘adult’ something to look forward to and enrich their life. We will be planning some different fundraisers this year and we hope you all will get involved to make them successful.  You can also help by making a donation, large or small.  Every dollar counts!!!

As you can see from the calendar, we have added to the family of DIGS.  The Skills for Life program is for adults with autism. We recently have been asked to provide financial support to the Floyd County Skills for Life group.  Funding sources for this group are no longer available from the parent  group in the Metro Atlanta area. They will continue to function as they have been but under the DIGS umbrella.Their membership will be limited to its current members.

Exciting News!!! Our Art Hearts Art Club has been selected to create one of the heart garlands being used for the Rome Community Heart Project event this February!!!

They will be working on this project at our meeting this month.  The heart garlands are new for this year and will be displayed around town along with the large hearts.  You will have the opportunity to VOTE for your favorite display and the winner receives a cash award.  We will keep you posted when the voting begins.  We think we can WIN THIS!!!

November 29, 2015

Remember the DIGS ‘family’ Christmas Party is December 10, 2015 6pm-8pm. Our special Santa will visit and we will have the annual gift exchange for our ‘adults’ with developmental challenges. Bring a $5 wrapped gift marked for a guy or a girl.  Also please keep DIGS in mind as you plan your end of the year giving. We are about a third of the way to saving $$$ to begin our next home….for our ladies. Any amount large or small will get us closer to our goal. You may give your donation directly to our treasurer, Charlie Schroeder  or can mail to DIGS, Inc., PO Box 1053, Rome, GA 30162

Bless each and every one of you!

October 27, 2015

Reminder about the Halloween Movie at Berry College: There is no charge to attend the movie!  The event is planned as an opportunity for any adult with a developmental disability to enjoy a movie with typical peers (Berry students).  Parents/caregivers are also invited!!!  We thank Dr. Michelle Haney and her Exceptional Child class for putting this event together!  It will be in the Evans Auditorium.  No food or drink is allowed.  Please stop at the visitors center to get directions if needed.

Art/Camera Club  exhibit/show:  Thursday, November 5, 2015,  5:00-7:00 p.m.

Berry College, Krannert Center, ballroom

All art/camera club members are invited to participate.

Please let Barbara know if you will be making the commitment to attend by October 27.

        Each participant may display 3 pieces of

        art/photography.  The items may be

        available for sale..  10% of each sale will go to

        DIGS; 90% to the participant.

        Each participant should dress in their Sunday


        Each participant will have their own table space

        to display their work.

Information about each participant will be at
each table stating their abilities in a positive way.

We ask each parent/caregiver to help with writing this. Please email this information to Kimberly McGuiness by October 27.

If you would like to help:  We will need finger foods. Thank you Blanca for donating the plates and cups.

We will be setting up at 4:00 p.m. Please have your artist/photographer at Berry by 4:45 at the latest.  If you work or have difficulty getting them there, please let Barbara know.

September 30, 2015
Happy Fall Everyone!!!

The garden art workers have been busy getting ready for Chiaha and it will be here soon!  We will have many ‘one of a kind’ items as well as our other popular items.  All will be available for donation to go toward the building of our second community living home!!! Big Thank You to all of our garden art workers and  the students from Berry College who have also volunteered there time to help. Please let Barbara know if you would like to volunteer to staff the booth at Chiaha.

Board of Directors: Please mark your calendars for the meeting, October 13th. and let us know if you will be attending.  A light supper will be served. We look forward to seeing you all at this meeting.

Halloween Movie at Berry College: There is no charge to attend the movie!  The event is planned as an opportunity for any adult with a developmental disability to enjoy a movie with typical peers (Berry students).  We thank Dr. Michelle Haney and her Exceptional Child class for putting this event together!  It will be in the Evans Auditorium.  No food or drink is allowed.  Please stop at the visitors center to get directions if needed.
August 30, 2015

Fall is in the air and we’re ready with a calendar full for September!

We have a Shorter intern for the fall semester, Millie Payne. So far, she has been helping with some office work but will also be attending our DIGS activities as her schedule allows. Welcome to the DIGS family, Millie!!!

July 30,2015
Wow, can you believe it’s almost August already!!!  Hope everyone has been having a wonderful summer.
“Y” Swimmers:  Yeah, It will be good to be back swimming at the “Y”!!! Remember the “Y” is donating this time to us. It is not for using the other “Y” facilities. There is a life guard on duty but if your swimmer cannot safely stand in the shallow end of the pool, you may be asked to accompany them in the pool.  You are welcome to participate in this pool time if you wish. We truly appreciate this opportunity so be sure to express that to the “Y” staff.  They are great!!!!
Art Club Members:  Please note the supply dues for the year should be paid at the next Art Club meeting, August 6. We will be continuing to meet at Network Day Service Center. We have increased the size of the group but need to continue the club as “members only” in order to provide the members with the support they need to be successful artists.
Garden Art with Berry Students: The group of students coming to help with garden art are ones who also help with Challenger Sports.  I think they are missing everyone!  If your ‘adult’ has helped with garden art in the past, this would be a fun morning to help again.  I know it will be hot, but drinks and snacks will be provided. We will have many tasks to choose from and there will be “buddies” to help. 

Camera Club Members:  As you requested, we are going to Paradise Garden in Summerville, Saturday, August 22nd. We are planning to meet at the Senior Center at 11:00 for those of you who want to carpool/caravan,  get lunch at the Crushed Tomato, 205 Montgomery St. Summerville. ( we can order and share pizzas but bring $10 to make sure you have enough $$) Then we’ll go to the Garden at 1:00.  If you do not wish to caravan and eat out just meet us at the garden at 1:00. There is usually an admittance fee which is being waived for us.  They only ask that we make a donation so we suggest for everyone to donate $1. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!!!!

June 3, 2015
We are proud to announce that Andrew Cook has been admitted to Berry College to participate in a trial post-secondary program (for adults with developmental disabilities) for the fall semester. He will be auditing two classes. As Berry is a private college, tuition, although reduced, will be costly. You can help by donating items for the sale, shopping at the sale, volunteering to help with the sale, telling others about the sale or by making a monetary donation.  The yard sale is planned for Saturday, July 11, at Barbara Monday’s house, 1005 Highland Ave.  Set up will begin Friday at 3:00 p.m.  If you have clean, usable items to donate, you may bring them Friday afternoon/early evening.Chick-Fil-A’s Cow Appreciation Day will be Tuesday, July 14. Anyone wearing a cow costume will receive a free meal. If you only wear “spots” an entree only will be free. Go to for more information and cow accessories.  Some of us will be going to the Dwarf House, Shorter Ave. at 6:00 p.m. Join us if you can!!!Thursday, July 16 there will be a production of Aladdin, Jr. The Musical at the Desoto TheatreRome-Floyd County Commission on Children and Youth has donated 20 tickets available for our adults and caregivers to attend.  First come, first served!  Let Barbara Monday know if you are interested in attending and how many tickets you would need. One caregiver per adult with challenges, please.  Additional tickets may be available for $8. Doors open at 6:00; play begins at 7:00.  If you would like to purchase tickets, please let Barbara know by return email digsrome[at] gmail dot com and she can have them reserved for you to pick up the night of the play.
Reminder that we take the month of July off for vacations with our families, regular Digs activities will begin in August. Mark your calendars for our annual Family Picnic Potluck August 13th at 6pm. We hope everyone has a fun and safe summer!
May 26, 2015
Can you believe it’s almost June!!!? Our Benefit Concert, ‘Get Down With DIGS’ is Saturday, June 13.  Download the poster for the event and please do your best to promote the concert. Tell friends, family…and everyone you know and encourage them to attend. You can help spread the word by printing out the poster to “pin up” all over town or forward by email. VIP and general admission tickets for the concert can be purchased here now.Working together we can make the event a huge success to raise funds to build our next home!!!
Attention choir members:  New blue, red tie dye and blue polo shirts have been ordered.  If your choir member needs a new shirt, please let Pat Sweezey or Jean Battle know. We ask that you turn in your old shirt(s) when you receive the new replacement(s).
If Possible please plan to attend on June 5th a Spirit Night at Moe’s to benefit the Skills for Life group (for adults with autism).  This group is not a DIGS activity, but several of our members are part of this group. Let’s support them by eating at Moe’s Friday, June 5th!!!
Happy Summer!!
April 28, 2015
Our ‘garden art‘ volunteers have been busy and had a great weekend at the Cedar Valley Arts Festival last weekend.  We will have a booth at the Gospel Festival at Pisgah Baptist this Saturday, May 2nd and the choir will be singing at 2:00 p.m.  The weather is supposed to be wonderful, so come on out for a great time! Directions:  5603 Alabama Hwy. Coming from Rome, it is in the vicinity of the Georgia Power plant, on the left before reaching GA 100.
Those of you who are in the Art Hearts Art Club, please note we have moved.  Network Day Service Center has graciously allowed us to use their facility. This gives us more space and allows us to include new members who have been on a waiting list. Thank you, Network!!!
There are just 2 swimming dates before the “Y” will be busy with their summer schedule.  We will resume swimming again when school begins in August.
If your ‘adult(s)’ are planning to attend the Spring Formal, please remember to let Karen Cook know by May 3rd. to reserve their spot.
Due to the dates for several special events, there is a change in date for Camera Club.  Weather permitting we will be going to the LCCL Strawberry Farm (great article about them in the Rome News today). It is about 7 miles down Old Dalton Rd. from the mall. They usually close at 6:00 but are staying open for our photo shoot…..and remember to bring some money for the wonderful strawberry ice cream.
Save the date!!!  We are planning another Benefit Concert at the Desoto Theatre for June 13th.  We hope to make this an annual fundraising event.  Tickets will be going on sale soon. Everyone’s help is needed. Download our event sponsor form if you are interested in a sponsorship, there are many levels to choose from.  Please contact anyone you may know or places where you do business. If you have anyone interested in the Ticket or Marquee levels, contact Charlie Schroeder 770-324-2391 to see they are still available. Please support our efforts to raise funds for our second community living residence!!!
We’ve had the April showers! Looking forward to the May flowers!!! Thank you to everyone for your continued support!
April 8, 2015
Are you ready for some BASEBALL!!! Our ‘adults’ and parents/caregivers have been invited to attend a Berry Baseball game Saturday, April 18 @ 2:00 p.m.  We will meet up with the ladies from the ‘year of service’ house in the parking lot next to the baseball field. We will make posters together to cheer on the team! The baseball field is next to the soccer fields beside the Ford building. The game starts at 3:00 and will be finished about 5-ish. But double the fun….it is a double header.  The second game will finish about 7:30. You may stay for one or both games.

Let the games begin……Special Olympics is this Thursday (weather permitting). Please be at Darlington at 9:30 to find your place in the line-up for the parade of athletes. Look for Elaine Treglown and the DIGS banner. Ms. Elaine or Pat Sweezey will have your t-shirts.

The Chieftain’s Herb and Plant Sale is this Saturday and Sunday at the Coosa Valley Fairgrounds.  Some specially selected DIGS garden art items will be available.

The COVA volunteer luncheon honoring volunteers (from several local non-profits, including DIGS!) is Friday, April 17, 11:30-1:00 at the Krannert Center, Berry College. Our own ‘Just As I Am’ choir will be providing the entertainment. We logged in excess of 1200 volunteer hours for 2013.  If you have volunteered your time to DIGS and did not receive an email invitation, please contact Barbara you to everyone for your time and support.  We could not do it without you!!!

Here’s your chance to earn some more volunteer hours!!!  The Cedar Valley Arts Festival is Saturday, April 25 and Sunday, April 26.  We need help with staffing the booth on Saturday and set up on Friday morning. Please let Barbara know if you will be able to help in any way. (

BIG Thanks to everyone!

March 31, 2015
Hi Everyone! Wow!!!  We have an exceptionally busy month filled with great things to do!!!!

As always we are asking for help with setting up and staffing the booth at the Cedar Valley Art Festival.  Please contact in person or email Barbara ( if you will be able to help out in any way.

The Opening New Worlds conference was a great experience for all of DIGS attending for the first time! Our choir with 15 present had a wonderful performance and our garden art was much appreciated! There were some in attendance who already have a good start but hope to use information about DIGS to do even more!

Happy Spring to everyone!


February 27, 2015
March is here and that means SPRING can’t be too far behind!!!

DDM (Developmental Disabilities Ministries is the nonprofit operating the DIGS Paul Home) is having its annual Opening New Worlds Conference, Saturday, March 21 at the First Baptist Church in Decatur, 9:30-4:30, lunch included. Our choir has been invited to perform, we will have our garden art available in the ‘market’ and Barbara Monday will be speaking at one of the breakout workshops.  You are invited to attend as well (especially if you are a choir ‘parent’!)   There is something for everyone:  parents, caregivers, ‘adults’ with dev. challenges, church leaders and others and lunch is included.  The cost for DIGS participants is reduced to $10 (to cover cost of lunch). Please fill out the registration form found on the DDM website , go to the bottom of the page click on Latest News; then click on the survey monkey registration.  At *9,  fill in the other blank with “DIGS”. They need you to register to get a count for lunches. You can pay at the door or mail a check. If you have difficulty registering, please let Barbara know. Choir members will not be charged and we will get an accurate count of how many will be attending at choir practice. Don’t let cost be a factor on you attending (Let Pat Sweezey or Barbara know).  Details on carpooling and directions will come later. Download Conference Flyer and Download Conference Schedule. 

Kimberly McGuiness has been working on updating our website .  If you haven’t visited in awhile, make sure you check to see what’s new.  Kimberly needs your help with growing the input and following on the blog (click on the BLOG tab and subscribe if you haven’t already). Use the prompt below to start a post; then send it to

Image result for shamrock clip artI feel lucky to have DIGS because…….

These will be collected and posted on the blog. If you have any other ideas (such as poems, inspirations, photos, your or your ‘adult’s’ dreams for the future) to be posted to the blog, send them to Kimberly as well. Be sure to check back and leave comments by clicking on the post to open it up, then scroll down to the bottom to add your comment. All comments on blog posts are moderated and will not appear until they have been approved. This helps to stop spam from clogging up our site and posts.

Plans are beginning for another benefit concert for DIGS, Saturday, June 13th at the Desoto Theatre. Please begin thinking about how you can help and/or who you can contact to be a sponsor. There are many levels of sponsorship from large to small. Any and all donations will be gratefully accepted.  Please see Charlie Schroeder or Barbara for sponsor forms.

As soon as we have a weekend that’s warmer (50+), Barbara Monday will be having a yard sale with proceeds to benefit DIGS.  If you have a few items to contribute, please contact Barbara 706-266-2384.  If you have more items (along with you friends), please consider doing the same.

Again please consider going to the Opening New Worlds conference. It will be a wonderful opportunity for parents to network with other parents and ‘adults’ to network with other ‘adults’ from around the state. If you are involved in or want to start a church or Sunday school program, this is a great place to start. I envision good information being shared and new friendships being formed.

We are blessed! Thank you to everyone for your continued support!


January 26,2015

We hope everyone is keeping warm and healthy. February is almost here and we’re on the downside of winter.  Come on SPRING!

As many of you know, our current goal is to build our second home….for ladies.  Below are some ways you can get involved:

Please notice on our events page Garden Art Workdays. We invite anyone interested in helping to join our Garden Art crew on Wednesdays and/or one Saturday a month.  No experience is necessary!!! We have a lot of fun while creating the unique pieces of garden art we have available to raise funds for DIGS!  We are located at 12 Dribrell St.  If you would like more information, call Barbara  at 706-266-2384.

Our Board of Directors is planning another benefit concert tentatively scheduled for Saturday, June 13.  They will be asking for your help with this soon.

Another yard sale is being planned for sometime in late February or early March. You can start your spring cleaning now and donate any good useable items for the sale. Call Barbara at 706-266-2384. A clean & organized home plus $$$$ for DIGS–priceless!

As many of our adults participate, Challenger Sports activities are included on the calendar for your convenience. Basketball will begin Saturday, Jan. 30 @ 11:00 am. If you need more information about Challenger Sports, please contact Tammy Bryant at 706-234-0383 or Karen Cook at 706-853-9449.

Thank you all for your help and support! It DOES take a village!


December 15,2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

Wow! What a great year we’ve had. We met our goal of opening our first care home!!! We have 4 adult men who have successfully transitioned into the home to make it their own! Many thanks to DDM (Developmental Disability Ministries) for their very competent role in running the home!!! And thank you again to all of you who supported us with prayers, time, talents & donations to make it a reality.

For those of you who may not know, we have now set the goal to build our second home…for ladies. Please continue your support in any way that you can. Also, please continue to tell others about DIGS and what we are doing. We are surprised by those who we find that haven’t heard about us, especially those who have ‘adults’ with disabilities in their families.

Our Garden Art fundraising project has also had a good year! Many thanks to the City of Rome for approving us to lease our new workspace at a very nominal fee. We now have adequate space to work and store completed projects.This space has been greatly improved by an extraordinary couple (who don’t like to be singled out) and their family, who have donated shelving, time, efforts and other materials to make it a functional & organized space. A wonderful group of volunteers works regularly to create those projects. This group includes some of our ‘adults’ who are having a good time while learning some great skills. Thanks and blessings to them all. As a result, we have raised more $$$$ this year than ever. The benefits of the friendships, support and opportunities to spread the word about DIGS at community events far exceeds anything we could have imagined….and we are learning to use power tools!!! We appreciate the donations of all the items we repurpose for the garden art. We continue to need large & small glass plates, shallow bowls, and lids, old chandeliers, glass candle holders, old jewelry & buttons, and anything else we can save from the landfill. We can always use donations of tools and sandpaper as well as safety equipment such as masks & non-latex gloves and paper towels. If you would like to join us or have items to donate (or just come visit), please contact Barbara at or 706-266-2384.

We have one very special appeal. Our workspace is adequate, but it is not “high and dry”. It’s gutters need to be replaced and the roof has a few leaks. If you know anyone who would be willing to help with repairs, please give them our contact information.

Our ‘Just As I Am’ choir continues to improve far beyond our expectations under the leadership of Pat Sweezey. The latest ‘miracle’ is Maurice finding his voice! And what a beautiful deep bass voice it is!! Dance Club, Camera Club, and Art Club also continue to improve and provide great opportunities for having friends, learning social skills and participating in the community.
All of it is worth it, when you see the smiles light our ‘adults’ faces! Thank you all for a great year!


November 20, 2014

Hello Everyone! We can’t believe it’s December already…..where has this year gone?!!!

The ‘Get Down With DIGS’ benefit concert netted us about $6000 towards our next major goal of building a second home…for ladies!…as well as maintaining our established activities.  Thank you to all who helped make this a success!  It takes all of us working together to achieve the great things we are doing for our ‘adults’ with developmental challenges.  If you didn’t have the opportunity to help this time, we hope you will join us for the next event.

Just As I Am’ Choir Members:  We will be purchasing new polo shirts soon.  We need to update our records for shirt sizes.  Please contact Jean Battle ( ) with your current size as soon as possible.

Hope to see you all at the Christmas Potluck, December 11!  Remember to bring your favorite holiday dish to share.  Paper goods and drinks will be provided by DIGS.  No admission for dance club will be charged, but we would appreciate a donation to help with the costs & pay our “DJ” Shawn Mix-A-Lot!


Our Garden Art group has been busy making more items for the upcoming  Winter Art Market at the Civic Center.  If you would like to volunteer to help staff the booth or to transport items to & from, please contact us.

At this time of year, it is always good to stop and consider all we have to be thankful for.  We are thankful for all of you. We have such a loving and supportive group.  We are respectful of everyone’s differences as well as valuing their strengths.  In this environment, our ‘adults’ are continuing to develop skills we never expected they could,  It is awesome what they can do!

Please remember DIGS when you are planning your end of the year giving. Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas!  Stay safe & warm!!

October 24, 2014


Be sure to stop by the DIGS booth at Chiaha this weekend. Great gift ideas to get some of your Christmas shopping complete!



DIGS will be having a spirit night at Sweet Frog on Tuesday, November 4, 2014. Bring in this flyer or tell the cashier you would like to support DIGS and a portion of your purchase will go to support the DIGS Mission.


“Get Down With DIGS” Friday November 14th…. all are invited to join us for a benefit concert to support DIGS. Print the flyer below and purchase your VIP pass or General Seating ticket today! Help spread the word by sharing this page with all you know via your social media channels. Thank you in advance for your support!



September 26, 2014

Hey Everybody! Are you as happy as we are to see FALL here!!!!

Oct. 7 is a very important general meeting.  A benefit concert for DIGS is being planned for November 14.  We will need everyone’s help in some way.  If you have an idea of someone to contact as a sponsor or donation for silent auction, please contact Suzanne Schroeder (770-324-2392). We are keeping track of who is contacted so that they will not be approached twice. Come to the meeting to find out more!

Chiaha will be here before long and the garden art crew has been working almost every Thursday morning.  We have many pretty things finished, but still need more. We will be having a sign-up sheet for the days of the festival. The choir will also be performing again this year!  If you’d like to help, just give Barbara a call, 706-266-2384.

Choir parents:  Kathy Proudfoot is again organizing the choir Halloween party.  Please check with her to see what you can do to help.

 For anyone who would like to volunteer to help DIGS in anyway please contact us.


August 28, 2014

Our Garden Art crew has been working Thursday mornings at the warehouse (12 Dibrell St.). We love our new work space!!!  If you’re free then, come join us for a fun and creative time!

Our camera and art clubs are getting their entries ready for the fair!  Last year a small group of our ‘adults’ worked to make a scarecrow as a DIGS “family” entry in the fair. They got third place!!!   If anyone else would like to undertake this for this year, please let me know by return email. We have the frame that could be reused. It was fun and was another good way to spread the word about the mission of DIGS.  There was also some prize money involved!

Looking forward to fall!!!


July 31, 2014

This Saturday August 2, 2014 the Exchange Club is doing a yard sale at the fairgrounds to benefit DIGS. To support their efforts, we can contribute items for the sale and can also help the day of the sale. If you have items to donate, they may be brought to the fairgrounds at 5:00 p.m. this Thursday. If you would like to help the day of the sale, please let us know.

Swimming at the “Y” is for everyone! You do not have to be a member of the “Y” to participate. If your swimmer cannot stand alone in the shallow end, be prepared to get in the pool with them to provide for their individual safety. There is a lifeguard but he/she is there to watch for everyone’s  safety.We so appreciate the “Y” for donating this time for our adults. Please tell them the next time you are there!

Art Club Members:  Art Club dues of $40 will be due for the next year’s supplies at the meeting August 7. If you plan not to continue to participate, please reply by return email so we can fill your spot from our waiting list.

We can’t wait for the summer potluck on Thursday, August 14!!! We will begin serving at 6:00 and dance club will begin as everyone finishes eating. There will be no admission for dance club but we would appreciate donations to help with the cost of paper products and drinks for the potluck.

Camera Club will be having a photo shoot at the Desoto TheaterThursday, August 21.We can see all the new renovations and restorations to the historic building. The evening is also a fundraiser for the Family Resource Center. There will be a clown, face painting, etc.We should be able to get some great shots!  They will be selling refreshments but our tickets to see the production of Tom Sawyer have been donated.  No photos may be taken during the play.

Our garden art workers have been settling into our new ‘digs’ and continuing our creative efforts to have items ready for up coming arts/crafts festivals in the fall. If anyone is getting a new refrigerator and has an old one in working order, we would appreciate the donation. Also remember, we can use or repurpose a variety of items headed for the landfill:  old windows, lamps, chandeliers, votive candle holders, wood scraps, old jewelry, buttons, game pieces, screws, nails, washers, etc. If you have any items you think we can use, just reply by email.

We have been getting together to work on Thursday mornings. If you would like to join us, just let us know. We have a lot of fun working together. You don’t  have to be creative……it’s contagious!

Our residents living at the Barbara & Lamar Paul home are settling in nicely. There are three but number four is in process so we will have a full house. It certainly is a dream come true to have this home up and running.  Our new goal is to build the second home….for ladies!!

Thank you all for being a part of this great organization! We hope to see you soon!


June 24, 2014

A big thank you to Home Depot for their team of volunteers who came out and installed the fencing around the Barbara and Lamar Paul home last week! A huge thank you to the DIGS members for helping to provide refreshments and lunch for anyone who helped.

Remember: DIGS takes the month of July off for vacations. Regular activities will resume in August. Challenger Bowling June 7-July 19th will continue at the Floyd Bowling & Amusement Center at 10 am. Please be on time.

Have a wonderful safe and fun summer!


May 31, 2014

Good News!

Our garden art has a new work place!!! Saturday, June 7th a workday is scheduled at 12 Dribrell St. The building needs to be cleaned and materials/supplies will need to be moved from the old space at Johnson school. We will schedule more workdays as needed. Items especially needed for this first workday: power washer, push brooms, window cleaner, paper towels. Please contact us if you will be able to help in any way.

We have received a $2000 grant from the Home Depot Foundation to purchase fencing for the Barbara & Lamar Paul home and our local Home Depot is putting together a volunteer team of employees to install the fence. The fence is scheduled to be installed Thursday, June 19th. We want to provide refreshments and lunch for anyone who is helping. Please contact us if you are willing to donate drinks, ice/cooler, chips, sandwiches, or desserts/snacks.

Thank you to everyone!


April 2, 2014

The Spring Art Market is fast approaching and our garden art crew will be working down to the wire. If you will be able to help set up, take down or staff the booth, please respond to this email (if you already haven’t done so). Set up will be Thursday afternoon. Also, please plan to attend and shop!


April 11-12, 2014  Friday: 10 am – 6 pm and Saturday: 10 am – 4 pm Rome Civic Center 400 Civic Center Drive, Rome GA 30161 (Across from Applebee’s)

Applied Theater class to meet with our ‘adults’ Tuesday, April 29th following choir practice at the Gilbreath Center, Lindale: 7:00-8:00 pm. Berry professor, Dr. John Countryman, and his Applied Theater class will provide activities for our ‘adults’. The class uses theater techniques such as improvisation, role play etc. to build social skills, self-esteem and confidence. This should prove to be a fun and enriching activity for our ‘adults’. Your ‘adult’ does not need to be a choir member to participate…just plan to arrive a little before 7:00.

More: News from Tammy Bryant RFPRA Challenger Sports

More athletes than ever are registering for the Challenger/Miracle Field softball this season. So many that there will be three playing times!! The first practice is this Saturday, April 5th @ 9:45,10:45 and 11:45 am. You will receive a phone call this week telling you which time. If you have questions or do not receive a phone call, please contact Tammy Bryant: 706-234-0383 Team assignments will be announced and team jerseys handed out. It will be more important than ever to be on time (or a little early) for your games and players to wear team jerseys to every game.

Please come out and support the Cops for Kids Softball Tournament anytime this Saturday, April 5th: 7:30a.m.-midnight. Proceeds benefit Special Olympics and other RFPRA programs.

Next Monday April 7th is the deadline to submit artwork for the Special Olympics t-shirt contest. The contest is open to any child or adult with a developmental disability. Using technology to create the artwork is allowed!! Turn in your art to Tammy Bryant at the Senior Center, Kingston Rd.


March 25, 2014

Everyone please support our garden art workers by attending the Spring Art Market and/or the Cedar Valley Art Festival. We have been working hard and have some great new items. If you can volunteer to help with setting up, staffing the booth or taking down, please let me know in person or by return email.

The last Healthy Habits class was held March 20. It was a senior project of Model High student, Laura Graben. We thank Laura for her time and energy in preparing and leading the classes. Our ‘adults’ who attended learned some cool exercise moves and now are reading food labels to see calories and serving sizes. We hope that Laura learned some skills also to help her in her future studies at UGA. Best of luck to you Laura!

The DIGS general meeting is scheduled for April 1st during choir practice. Everyone is invited to attend these monthly meetings even if you do not have a choir member. Those who attend and give their input are actually working as advisers for our Board of Directors. The more ideas that are shared the better we will become. We have come a long way in seven years and there is still so much more to do!!!

Happy Spring!!!


February 28, 2014

Special Olympics has been scheduled once again at the great facilities at Darlington on May 1. More information will be available later. Below is a very “special” way to show our support for our athletes as well as RFPRA and Tammy Bryant.

Pam Rutland, a Floyd County special education teacher, is heading up this effort:

By the way, it isn’t too late to sponsor a lunchbox for your kiddos. We are currently at 210 and need to be at 300 to make sure every athlete receives one. Don’t forget that with every $20 sponsorship that we receive, a Floyd County/Rome City athlete will receive an awesome lunchbox with goodies and a child in a poverty stricken country will be fed for a month. We will also be able to give a $$$ donation to Special Olympics. You can send checks to me at JES (Johnson Elementary School,1839 Morrison Campground Rd., Rome, GA 30161 ) or use PayPal and choose gift to Please help us reach our goal!!!

Thanks, Pam


January 27, 2014

WOW!!!! The Open House was wonderful!!! It still is hard to believe we finally did it!! Thank you to everyone…you all own a piece of this home! Your contributions of time, talent, yard sale donations, garden art materials to monetary donations and moral support all made it possible!

Please note from our calendar that Dance Club will be a Valentine dance and dancers may dress formally, dressy or in every day clothes. Also there has been a change in a performance for the choir Feb. 18th.

Hope you are all keeping warm and safe during this winter weather.


January 26, 2014

Thank you to the nearly 100 people who attended the dedication of the DIGS’ first home, The Lamar and Barbara Paul Home. Be sure to read the full story on our blog.


January 8, 2014

Happy New Year Everyone!

The organization that will be running the Lamar & Barbara Paul home is Developmental Disabilities Ministries (DDM). Dr. Bill Neal and some of his staff will be in Rome next Wednesday, January 15 to interview prospective residents and staff.  If you are interested in applying for a staff position or seeking a residence for an adult with a developmental disability, please call Dr. Neal at 1-404-213-5445 to begin the application process. Pass this information on to anyone who is interested.

Refreshments are being planned for the ribbon cutting and Open House for the Paul home planned for Saturday, January 25 @ 2:00 p.m. If you would like to help with this, please respond through our contact page.  All the details for this event is on our calendar.

We are still looking for a new location for our Garden Art fundraising projects. Please check with anyone you know and places of business you patronize to help find someone willing to donate use of a space. If you find someone to help, please call us at 706-266-2384.

Thank you to everyone for your support of DIGS!


December 30, 2013

Drum Roll, Please!!!!!

almost comlplete

The first DIGS home is almost ready for final inspections and we will be celebrating it’s completion on Saturday, January 11!!!! It is located behind Brookwood Estates at the end of Brookvalley Court. WE did it!!!!! Ribbon cutting and Open House will be at 2:00pm! Everyone is invited  to come out and help us celebrate!



November 18, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

We have so much to be thankful for!!! Here are just a few I can think of at this moment:

No one is in the hospital….as far as I know;

Our first “community living” home will be finished soon;

We aren’t rich but have the funds to begin making the loan payments from our latest fundraising efforts;

We have wonderful volunteers for every activity;

It is such a joy to work & learn with our Shorter & Berry interns;

We have had more opportunities this semester to share with Berry students;

We have the support and love of every parent, brother, sister, grandparent, caregiver who is part of DIGS!

And I bet each of you could add to the list!

We have heard stories of stranger kindnesses and now we have one of our own: Students from Dr. Haney’s exceptional education class planned a dinner together with our DIGS adults. It was such a fun, casual evening….just eating out with new friends and getting to know each other better. Our ‘adults’ had great conversations and we celebrated Frankie’s birthday. When it was time to pay our checks, we were told that someone who wanted to remain anonymous had paid everyone’s bill! We all were ‘blown away’ by this person’s generosity and hope he/she knows just how much it was appreciated. See pictures below.

Eating at Bella Roma with our Berry friends1Eating at Bella Roma with our Berry friends2

 Here is another “happy happening”. If there is anyone who would like to attend, please let me know and I’ll check into getting tickets. It might be an especially fun night for our present and past ‘beauty queens’ from the Spring formals and Miss Challenger contests.

“This year I am participating in Miss Berry. If you win, KCAB will donate $100 to a charity of your choice. I wanted something local, and I immediately thought of DIGS. I just wanted to let the organization know that they are affecting so many and doing so much good within the Rome community. I am honored to have chosen DIGS as my organization. I would love if anyone wanted to attend Miss Berry this Saturday (November 23rd) at 8pm. I would be more than happy to help arrange tickets. I know that there are supposed to be many fun talents! I think it will be a wonderful show. Thank you! Madison Chandler”

Thank you, Madison for selecting DIGS as your charity. We are definitely the ones who are honored. We’ll be rooting for you!

Grace Rush’s class will be having it’s 25th Annual Christmas Bazaar, December 5,6,9, & 10th beginning at 8:00 a.m. during school hours. Ms. Rush uses the funds raised to support the extra things she does with her class.

Please note the activity on December 7. Haley has been working with our Art Heart’s Art Club as well as doing some extra art classes. She is preparing an art show of all our ‘adults’ work for this semester. I hope that anyone who can will attend and support her hard work.

Directions to Ford Dining Hall: After entering the Berry Campus at the main entrance, take the first right after the ‘guard house’. The Ford Dining Hall is at the back of the large stone complex you will come to first.

Here is a survey about experiences and opinions about work opportunities for adults with disabilities. I have completed it and it is easy and doesn’t take too long. It made me stop and think more deeply about this issue. Thanks to Pam Dempsey for sending it to share with you.

Remember our annual Christmas Party and dance club, Thursday, December 12th. Bring your favorite potluck dish and be prepared for a special night of feasting and celebrating! There will be a $5 gift exchange for our ‘adults’. Please remember to mark the gift as male/female, girl/guy, etc. so our Santa can choose an appropriate gift for each participant.

I am most thankful for all of you. I am proud to represent you and share our ‘story’ with our community. Together we have created something very special.

Barbara Monday, Executive Director, DIGS, Inc.


October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween, Be safe!! Our November calendar is ready to download.

Our booth at Chiaha was very successful this year. We raised close to $2400!!! Thank you to all who helped!!

Our first ‘home‘ is coming along nicely. We will be planning an open house when it is finished and before residents move in so everyone may come to see! We have so much to be thankful for!


September 24, 2013

We have a busy month planned and even more that won’t fit on the calendar!!!

The Coosa Valley Fair is Oct. 1-5. Our ‘Snap Happy’ Camera Club will again have their photography entered. Each year their entries are better than the year before. Be sure to go by to see them and what ribbons were won.

Please note our general DIGS meeting is Tuesday, October 1st. Plan to attend to hear the latest on the progress with our first ‘home’ and what you can do to become more involved in any of our activities.

The Miss Challenger Pageant is Saturday, Oct. 5. Sandra Humphreys asked that we announce that they are still accepting applications for the older group. As of now only one participant has registered. Dresses will be provided. Please contact Sandra at 706-766-9835.

Challenger soccer will be continuing October 5th & 12th and the Miracle League Fall Ball will kick off with a pre-season practice, Saturday October 5 with the regular games October 19-November 16. Younger division will play at 12:30 and the older division will start at 1:30 p.m. Registration is $50 and due by Friday Sept. 27th. As always scholarships will be available. For more information, please contact Tammy Bryant at 706-234-0383.

Our ‘Garden Art’ workers have been busy once a week throughout the summer getting ready for our fall arts/crafts opportunities. We will be providing the table decorations, favors & gifts for officers for the ADK Sorority (a teachers service org.) conference and luncheon. ‘Just As I Am’ choir will be the entertainment during the luncheon. We appreciate their support. We will also be participating in the Chiaha festival this year and will need help staffing the booth.

A big THANK You to Jean Battle for volunteering to store and distribute choir shirts. If your choir member needs a new shirt, please contact Jean. THANK you also to Kathy Proudfoot for planning the choir’s Halloween party again this year. Please contact Kathy to see what you can do to help.

We have a great group of folks!!! You all pitch in and help when needed ….from giving a ride, sending cards to someone in the hospital, helping with clean-ups to prayers & hugs for anyone needing support. This is what makes our group so special and unique. We are truly blessed!


September 8, 2013

Be sure to visit our First Perosnal Care home  portfolio for the construction progress.


September 3, 2013

Please welcome our interns: Shorter University– Kim Presley and Berry College-Haley Harris. It is a pleasure to have them working and learning with us.

We will again be participating in Berry’s 1st year of service. Approximately 20 freshmen will come to help make garden art items this Saturday. They will work with our ‘adults’ to create some of the beautiful things we will have available for donation at Chiaha Art Festival October 26 & 27.

Thank you, Joy, for sharing information about Emergency Preparedness month. Click here for a flyer for an event that will teach how to prepare for an emergency. Ross Cavitt with WSB-TV will be the Special Guest. It sounds like a fun and educational activity for our ‘adults’. Admission is free and there will be door prizes and refreshments.

The Special Education Classes from Coosa High School are selling tickets for our annual pancake breakfast fundraiser. It will be this Saturday (September 7th) from 8 until 10 at The Partridge. They have a group of students from Berry that are coming to help serve you! Please let Charlotte Millard ( know if you would like to purchase tickets. They are $7 each and include a $1 off coupon for your next meal at The Partridge.

And now for the most AWESOME news! The construction on the house has been progressing rapidly since last week. The foundation has been poured and the framing for the walls is up. Trusses for the roof have been delivered and will be going up next!!!

If you know of any church, club or civic organization building teams who might want to participate, please have them contact Charlie Schroeder 770-324-2391.


August 20, 2013

We are BUILDING our first HOME!!


As you can see the lot has been cleared. We were sorry to lose all the trees but they had been damaged due to the tornado that passed through. The builder is Patrick Cash Homes, Inc. We are continuing to ask for others to join us in building this home with donations of labor, materials and financial resources. If you know of any person or group who wants to join us in our mission “to provide safe housing” for our ‘adults’ with developmental challenges, please leave a message at 706-234-2845 or email

Challenger Sports News: Soccer will be Saturdays, Sept. 7-October 12, 10:00 a.m. at the field at Garden Lakes. Cost is $40.
Fall Baseball will be Saturdays, Oct. 5-November 16, younger players-12:30-1:30; older players 1:30-2:30 at Miracle Field. Cost is $50
Ms. Challenger pageant will be at the Coosa Valley Fair again this year October 5, 10:00 a.m.; rehearsal will be Sept. 29. Cost is $25.
Scholarships are available. For more information: Tammy Bryant 706-234-0383; Karen Cook 706-853-9449

Our ‘Garden Art’ fund raising project will be losing our work space at the end of the year. Please check with people you know to see if anyone would be willing to donate use of a space having electricity, water and restroom….old house, garage, barn??? We could pay utilities and the donation might be tax deductible.

If any of you wish to provide input on the City’s fair housing study, you can access the online survey at