Meet Jarrod

My name is Alice McDonald.  My husband Ken and I have two special needs children. Jarrod is the oldest. He was born May 21, 1987.

By eight months old, he was not crawling, pulling up and couldn’t sit alone. After taking Jarrod for a checkup, our doctor told us he was a special child. He made arrangements right away for a developmental evaluation. After seeing many doctors, we received diagnoses of mild to moderate mental retardation, severe developmental delay and mild cerebral palsy.

We began physical therapy and Jarrod began to walk at two years of age. We started speech therapy and this was much harder for Jarrod. He slowly began to talk and now at 24 years is a very chatty young man. He is outgoing and makes friends everywhere he goes.  Jarrod enjoys being in the DIGS ‘Just As I Am’choir,‘Art Heart’s art club and 1 Step @ a Time’ dance club. He is also involved in RFPRA’s Challenger Sports program and attends Network Day Services.

Jarrod has a big heart and prays every night for his family and friends. He watches the news and is concerned with things going on in our world today.  Someday, Jarrod wants to live in “that (DIGS) house.”  He is planning to help clean and cook, especially a peach cobbler. We feel very blessed to have Jarrod in our lives but are worried about where he will spend the rest of his life after we’re gone. We just want him to be happy.

Guest post by Alice McDonald