Specially developed in collaboration with people on the spectrum for people on the spectrum, ICE4Autism stores and communicates YOUR unique sensitivities and special needs

The ICE4Autism mobile app conveniently and intuitively stores vital information about you and your unique needs, sensitivities and behaviors directly on your device. Simply launch the ICE4Autism mobile app and first responders, ER doctors, nurses and administrators have immediate access to the critical the information needed to treat you properly while helping to reduce what is sure to be a heightened level of anxiety.

Emergency situations are challenging for everyone. But add in sensory, communication, and behavioral issues, and an emergency can turn into a disaster for a person with Autism. First responders, ER doctors, and nurses may lack a sufficient understanding of autism leading them to misinterpret autism-related responses. They may not know how to communicate with or otherwise help an autistic person cope with painful or scary procedures.ICE4Autism helps you to help them get you better!

ICE4Autism is currently available on the market for $1.99  for iPhone and iPad devices only at this time. Plans and funding needed to build the app for the future will bring the app to android devices. If you or someone you know would be interested in funding the further development of this very important app to be available across platforms please contact ICE4Autism, parents, caregivers, first responders, the consumers themselves and the developer would be forever grateful!