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The St. ‘Pet’ricks Day Parade

The St. ‘Pet’ricks day parade is an annual event here in Rome, Georgia. Our Snap Happy Camera Club members took pictures of all the animals dressed in their finest green to celebrate St ‘Pet’rick’s Day!  To help DIGS raise funds supporters stopped by our booth to pose with their pets and family for a one … Read More

DIGS “One Step Closer” unique garden art

If you’re looking for a unique item for your garden or home or need a gift for any special occasion, check out our ‘one of kind items’. DIGS is green….we are proud to repurpose items that might otherwise end up in the landfill.   We offer a wide variety of beautiful hand painted stepping stones, … Read More

dis•a•bil•i•ty: isn’t what defines a person

Anyone living with the challenge of a disability in life does not make or define a person.  Jennifer Kuhns, award winning author, painter and poet, understands and has lived through misconceptions attached to being physically disabled. Her primary reason and goal for writing her first book, “Were You Born In That Chair?” published 2010, was … Read More

Presume Competence

Definition: an attitude or mindset that believes anyone has the ability to achieve. Rather than… it can’t be done, Presume Competence!  That’s just what Ricky and Elaine did to help Shawn accomplish something he wanted to do.  Instead of focusing on the disability, they looked for skills Shawn had. Then they looked for an opportunity … Read More

Building Our First Home

For all supporters, members & caregivers: Our Board has been working diligently since October to begin planning the process for building our first home. Continuing our fundraising efforts will be a big part of it. We have raised about a third of the cost of the building. There are Medicaid waiver funds currently available for … Read More

DIGS Executive Director Receives Community Service Award

We are very pleased to announce the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) have awarded their Community Service award to our Developing Independence, Growth and Security (DIGS) director, Barbara Monday. DIGS, Inc. is an all-volunteer organization. This award is truly for all of us and it is an honor that DIGS is recognized for the … Read More

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