Building Our First Home

For all supporters, members & caregivers: Our Board has been working diligently since October to begin planning the process for building our first home. Continuing our fundraising efforts will be a big part of it. We have raised about a third of the cost of the building. There are Medicaid waiver funds currently available for community living for those on the short term waiting list. Our window of opportunity for building is now and we need to continue to work for more monetary donations as well as donations of labor and materials. Ben McCain (contractor) and Travis Williams (architect) will be keeping track of the labor and material donations so those people can be contacted when the time is right. We tentatively are planning to do another big yard sale, arts/crafts festivals with our garden art, a flag football competition, motorcycle ride and several other events still in the planning stages. We need for everyone to participate in as many ways as possible. We understand that many of you have your hands full just caring for the needs of your ‘adult’. But no matter how small, every effort is appreciated.