Anonymous Generosity

Just as a family received a pleasant surprise of generosity while out to eat with their autistic son back in September, so did DIGS, Inc. members, local college students and their Professor.

On Friday November 8th, as the group was finishing up dinner at Bella Roma the waitress started handing out checks. A few minutes later she came back and took them all up. When asked why, she said, “Another guest is paying for everyone’s dinner and they prefer to remain anonymous.”

WOW!! So we and everyone in our group for dinner that evening would like to publically say THANK YOU to the person who so graciously paid our tab that evening, we are so ever grateful for your generosity.

Imagine if each of us did something like this for someone? It’s doesn’t have to be a restaurant check, it could be paying for someone’s gas, a book or magazine they are in line to purchase, clothing, personal care items, or even groceries, power or water bill. There are so many creative ways to give back and spontaneous generosity is such an awesome gift! Be infectious and spread the kindness to bring a smile to someone and maybe lighten their load a little. Your blessing will be returned 10 fold.