Community Impact

community impact

Our Community Impact, read what others have to say…

“I’m so grateful we have DIGS and the extended  family as a result of this organization.  Since the tragic Newtown, CT shooting,  I’ve wondered if there had been such an organization, resources, and  relationships could the tragic event have been different.  We will never know,  but I know DIGS has been a great thing for our community and family.” – Brandi Littlejohn

DIGS 5 year Anniversary of gaining 501c3 status
“Truly amazing organization. Five years of all  volunteer achievement.” – Rita Lawler

Joining the DIGS Family
“I would like to thank the DIGS family for  welcoming my daughter and myself with open and understanding arms. I was so very  happy to have a group of families that love your children in the Rome area.” – Melissa Singletary

Son’s Birthday Party
“One mother of a young man turning 21 said  through her tears that this was the first birthday party she had planned where  people actually came. Now he has lots of real friends!” – Star