Our members went on a photo shoot to Berry College in June. They learned about taking pictures of wildlife.


Here two of our members, Ibn and Michelle, have a conversation about the turtles and fish they see in the water with the swan and duck. This spot is known as the duck pond on the college campus, and with good reason, as there are many ducks and a few geese roaming around, while the swan carries an elegance all her own . Some of which we learned are a little camera shy, while others, not so much.


Here club member, Justin, finds a good spot to take photos of the ducks and geese using his zoom lens.

Our members enjoy going out in the community taking photographs and exploring new ideas for taking pictures, different ways to look at light, composition, zooming in and textures. Our mentors help them to develop their own unique photographer’s eye and they come away learning new skills and capturing some interesting shots.

 In August we will explore textures in the park from different objects, and using our macro lens for close-ups. To learn more about camera club and how you can help visit our page.

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